Herbert Hoover Middle School

Drop Off and Pick Up: Safety first!

Safety Tips -- Make note our drop off requests:

  • In the mornings, please pull up the hillside on 14th Avenue, along the curb, to safely drop students off (in the white zone mid-hill).  For the safety of all, do not make u-turns and/or drop students off in front of MUNI bus stops or the school drive-way.  We leave this area clear for MUNI and SFUSD buses.  

  • In the afternoons, the curbside to the school (along 14th Avenue) is not available for pick up. Please identify a location to meet your child for pick up.  The school driveway and curbside hill is for loading buses, only. Do not double park to wait for your child.


Additional safety tips:

  • Drive slowly and be alert to pedestrian and car traffic.

  • Pull as far up the white zone hillside and along the curb as close as possible for drop offs.

  • Take caution and use the crosswalk.

  • For the safety of all, no U-Turns within a block of the school, please!

  • Please avoid Casteneda Street - it's narrow and congested.

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Hoover is assessing our community needs and we need your help!  Please help us and complete our survey so that we make decisions based on what you want for our community. 


To learn more about SF BEACON programs at other SFUSD school visit their website. For more information or assistance with the survey, contact our Family Liaisons in Room A13 or email Principal Fierst.


胡佛需要評估我們社區的需要. 請填好這個問卷,以便為大家做貼切的決定.  要了解SF BEACON("燈塔站")的計畫, 請到已經實施了燈塔站服務的三藩市校區其他學校的網站瀏覽. 如果填寫問卷遇到問題, 請到 A13 家庭聯絡員辦公室, 或者電郵校長尋求幫助.


Hoover está evaluando las necesidades de nuestra comunidad y necesitamos su ayuda. Ayúdenos y complete nuestra encuesta para que podamos tomar decisiones basadas en lo que desea para nuestra comunidad.  



Week of December 11
This week we follow the C Week Schedule


A PTSA letter was mailed to your home Friday

Please submit your tax deductible donation for our Annual Drive to the Main Office

See an electronic version of the letter HERE - thank you in advance!


It's Winter Concert Season!  Please join us for our 3rd and final music concert this Friday.

Click HERE or the image to see our student created commercial inviting you to our concerts!


Check out this week's School News & Events HERE

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2017 Student Council Election!

Congrats to the following Officers:


President: Jordy Lopez

Vice President: Andrew Buu

Secretary: Sabrina Cheng

Treasurer: Stephanie Huang

Spirit Leader: Abbie Nie




Student Body Election Campaign Videos!

Link here to the 2017 Hoover Student Body Election campaign videos website. Here you may view the video campaign speeches from this year's candidates. 


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School Information

Herbert Hoover Middle School

2290 14th Avenue @Santiago

San Francisco, CA 94116

Tel: 415-759-2783

FAX: 415-759-2881

Map Location


Hoover's Administration Team


Liz Fierst (in the middle)Principal 

Rachel Noto (on the left), Assistant Principal, Student Support

Gabriel Baker (on the right), Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Instruction


School Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30pm


For school tours: contact the main office to RSVP for one of the following dates: Oct 24, Nov 14, Dec 19 OR see us at the Enrollment Fair on Oct 14th at John O'Connell 

Verizon Innovative Learning Schools @ Hoover

Follow Hoover's journey in how we leverage technology with learning!Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 4.39.17 PM.png

Required Family Forms for iPad Distribution 2017-18

In order for students to be issued a SFUSD/Digital Promise iPad, families must complete a set of online forms.

Click the link for the language to complete the required forms online.  

Alternatively, you can print and complete the forms English / Spanish / Chinese




As of Spring 2017, Hoover Middle School is proud of recipient of three state awards.

Thank you teachers & staff for your contributions in making Hoover what it is!

            Go Hawks!