Herbert Hoover Middle School


Week of September 18th

This week we follow the A Week Bell Schedule Rotation


Read this week's Hawk News: Student & Family Announcements 

ParentVue Gradebook: Click the orange highlighted links for

How to get started and FAQs


Meet Superintendent Matthews, Wed Sept 27th at Lincoln HS 


Complete online forms for iPad distribution *Student HO number required*

Please return Media Opt-In forms found in the handbook to HR teacher

(Opt-Out forms are optional per family) 



*Basketball try-outs*

Boys: Mon (9/18), previously held Fri (9/15)

Girls: Thu (9/21) and Fr (9/22)

3:30 - 5:00 pm in the GYM


*To Participate in try-out, YOU MUST TURN IN

the Complete athletic packet (all 5 pages required)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

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Verizon Innovative Learning Schools @ Hoover

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Advisory Preference Form for Sept 2017

Click this LINK to sign up for this year's Advisory Preference form.  


*Advisory classes are scheduled to begin October 2nd.  We make every effort to get you one of your top three preferences, but can not guarantee placement.  If you do not put in a preference, we will assign you an Advisory class.


School Information

Herbert Hoover Middle School

2290 14th Avenue @Santiago

San Francisco, CA 94116

Tel: 415-759-2783

FAX: 415-759-2881

Map Location


Hoover's Administration Team


Liz Fierst (in the middle)Principal 

Rachel Noto (on the left), Assistant Principal, Student Support

Gabriel Baker (on the right), Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Instruction


School Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30pm


Tours: Online registration available - October 2017

Drop Off and Pick Up: Safety first!

Safety Tips -- Make note our drop off requests:

  • In the mornings, please pull up the hillside on 14th Avenue, along the curb, to safely drop students off (in the white zone mid-hill).  For the safety of all, do not make u-turns and/or drop students off in front of MUNI bus stops or the school drive-way.  We leave this area clear for MUNI and SFUSD buses.  

  • In the afternoons, the curbside to the school (along 14th Avenue) is not available for pick up. Please identify a location to meet your child for pick up.  The school driveway and curbside hill is for loading buses, only. Do not double park to wait for your child.


Additional safety tips:

  • Drive slowly and be alert to pedestrian and car traffic.

  • Pull as far up the white zone hillside and along the curb as close as possible for drop offs.

  • Take caution and use the crosswalk.

  • For the safety of all, no U-Turns within a block of the school, please!

  • Please avoid Casteneda Street - it's narrow and congested.


As of Spring 2017, Hoover Middle School is proud of recipient of three state awards.

Thank you teachers & staff for your contributions in making Hoover what it is!

            Go Hawks!